Keep conversations and comments friendly, no harsh comments. Anyone thinking must make snidy comments is going to be deleted. I'm longterm webmiss and forumadmin and I know how trouble, arguments and mobbing on the internet can ruin your sleep and your nerves. If you think you don't have the personality to just say nothing if you don't like something keep away and go elsewhere.


  • Photo editing as colours, contrasts etc. - YES
  • Photo manipulations (like putting someones head to another body etc.) - NO
  • No nudity, no sexual content at all.
  • You can use all types of cameras or mobile phones.
  • You don´t need to use just one camera in the project.
  • Tell us by which camera each picture is taken.
  • The postform of the headline is for example "Jindra - Day 2"
  • Take a pic every day whatever happens (except emergency cases like hospital, serious illness, death of relatives and so on). Remember this is not a "time to time project", this is a "365 project".
  • I love my blogs looking clean and nice, so please crop your pics to max. width 600px, no thumbnails.