Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jolanda Day 97 - 101

Panasonic DMC TZ7
Time for a guiness
Panasonic DMC TZ7
My dvd player died whilst playing my series
so we had to open the player to get the dvd out :)
                                                              Panasonic DMC TZ7
Happy easter
Panasonic DMC TZ7
a walk in the woods
Panasonic DMC TZ 7
Oh no I've drowned it :(


  1. Ew, what a shame about the DVD player, can you let fix it?
    Love the easter eggs. Nice colours!
    The cones on the trees look great.
    Tsts, Jolan, what have you done! ;)

    1. No the dvd player is really broke now once open my boys (the big one and my son ) start taking it appart there was no stopping them lol

  2. Good! I like the last one the most!